Website hosting is a service which allows your website to be served to the World Wide Web. Design & Post use servers (computers) which will hold the files of your website and then serve them to the user as they request each page or action on your website.

Hosting costs start from only £100 per year which equates to being less than £8.50 per month or £1.93 per week, a bargain in our eyes!

Our service offers guaranteed 99.9% uptime per year.

Our Hosting Compared to Others

Lately we have gathered more hosting customers due to the problems our new clients have had with previous large suppliers. The customer service takes forever to get through to and it’s not always the best advice for you. At Design & Post we appreciate that you’re not experts, you just want the damn thing to work. Let us take care of all the hassle! Our customer service is a direct number to Andrew, he can usually sort your issue out very quickly or advise you on the best way forward.

Morale of the story – “Others may be cheaper but you really do get what you pay for”

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